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This is a custom home we inspected in Coto De Caza, Ca at 16,505 sq. ft. The master suite is 3200 sq.ft. alone. 10 bedrooms, 8 baths, 2 full bars, infinity pool, RV garage, 2 bedroom guest quarters with full kitchen, and a casino.


This photo is from a home inspection on a million dollar home in the hills of North Tustin, Ca. This is the main sewer line that is severely deteriorated and rusted through with a large opening in it and is leaking raw sewage into the crawl space under the house.


This is a problem I saw at a home inspections in Irvine, Ca. The water heater is equipped with a TPR valve (temprature pressure relief valve) which is a safety device in the event the water heater over heats or builds up excessive pressure, the water heater can discharge the excess pressure through this valve. Connected to the valve should be a dischage pipe. As you can see here, there is a TPR valve but no discharge pipe.


This photo is from a home inspection in Garden Grove, Ca. The clothes dryer has been discharging into the crawl space under the house as can be seen here with the lint accumulation. The clothes dryer should always vent to the exterior of the building.



This home inspection in Tustin, Ca had ductwork that was disconnected. The heating and cooling was discharging into the attic. I first discovered there was a problem when I noticed minimal air flow at the supply registers in some of the rooms.

This photo was taken in a garage from a home inspection in Mission Viejo, Ca. The wall covering between the garage and the living space of the home should be sealed and be a fire rated material. (i.e. Drywall)   As you can see here, someone has cut out a section of the drywall to allow easy entry into the attic. This area should be re-drywalled so in case a fire should start in the garage, the flames won't travel quickly into the attic which can accelerate the fire throughout the house. 


This home inspection in Orange, Ca had an asphalt shingle roof, and as seen here the leaves and debris collected on the roof which presents a damming effect when raining. As the rain runs down the roof it could get backed up against the debris and could travel under the shingles which could lead to a roof leak. As a normal maintenance, all debris should be kept clear off the roof.


This photo is from a home inspection in Anaheim, Ca which shows a bathroom vent pipe dicharging into the attic which could lead to moisture damage and mold. Bathroom vent fans should always vent to the exterior of the building.


This was a unique home inspection in Santa Ana, Ca. where a sharpie marker was drilled out and used for the toilet tank fill tube and held in place with a plastic shopping bag.